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Safe Guard Self Storage can accommodate space requirements whether running out of space at home or a business that needs additional storage. There is a wide range of units from 25 to 336 square feet. We also have double units that are side by side or end to end for those needing larger spaces. Our 12' units offer a 10' wide x 8' tall garage door providing easy access for large items.

Below is a list of our standard unit sizes and options for regular or climate-controlled units. We also provide outdoor storage stalls for RVs, boats, trailers, and more at the 144th Street location.
Unit Size Standard Unit Climate Controlled
W L Area
5 5 25 sq. ft. X X
5 10 50 sq. ft. X X
10 10 100 sq. ft. X X
10 15 150 sq. ft. X  
10 20 200 sq. ft. X  
10 25 250 sq. ft. X  
10 30 300 sq. ft. X  
12 24 288 sq. ft. X  
12 26 312 sq. ft. X  
12 28 336 sq. ft. X